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I, too, even living in "South Canada," am going to be sticking it out for the next four years. And for the four years after that, if necessary.I got more active politically this past couple of years than I had been previously. Some of that was due to Paul Wellstone's untimely death. Paul wasn't going to be in Washington saying the difficult things anymore. I needed to do more myself if I wanted someone to do that.And Bush the Younger scared me. It started with the spy plane in China. Remember that? I remember thinking, "we are this close to 'nucular' war." A few insults, a botched recovery attempt, we get a little too cowboy in defending Taiwan. I could see it happening; like some flashback to Wargames.So I got active in the campaign. I held a house party for the Kerry campaign. I volunteered for the campaign and the party. I attended my caucus.I was bitterly disappointed when Kerry capitulated. I wanted another Florida fight. I wanted my guy to come out on top in this one. That didn't happen of course, but the fire of that resolve hasn't left me. To quit the country now would be to give up the very things that make it worth living in. Leaving means giving up the fight for equality, freedom and justice. I'm not about to do that.

December 2004

Right on.