Kerstan re
Ken re "Poll of Muslim Nations"

In reference to the source material about the whole 14 year old virgin for the Amir of Kuwait, I lived in Kuwait for the first half of the 80s and often heard the story. It wasn't Islamic, but tribal Bedouin in custom as was explained to us. Loyalties were formed and maintained by marriage. The "virgin" would marry the Amir and they would consummate the relationship. The following day the Amir would say "I divorce you" three times, which is all Islam really requires for a man to divorce, and the girl would be sent home to her family. The divorce would carry no stigma and was actually anticipated. The family would receive a stipend and tribal loyaties would be assured.

This explanation, by the way, is merely that; I'm not being anyone's apologist. Just letting you know what we heard.

—Kerstan Szczepanski
August 2002

Thanks for the information.

August 2002