Jihad, Religion:
u will know when you die
a Muslim's response to "
Religion of Peace"

[I considered not posting this response here because I wasn't sure it was genuine. But I think it is, as the post demonstrates a certain lack of familiarity with Christianity as part of Western culture. I don't think it's a fair representation of Muslim thought and manners, and I don't post it here as such. -JoT]

i tell u what fucker u havenot enough information about any religion ur talking about ur just telling us small part of every one with out telling the whole truth jewish boy ,1st of all about islam yadda or what ever ur an idiot we dont slaughter women well we just dont let em like ur christian bitches evey where naked may be ur gf or ur wife is in bed with some one else why? cz ur a christian we dont let other men look at our wifes an daughter asses like u did idiot

2nd: talking about peace look idiot we all know that usa policy is a cover up beside talking about terrorism well ur country supports that an pay good money for it u r the terrorisms not us

dont tel me that 11 september is not made by american themselves or shall i say ur dirty policy as we can see now america is doing this just a cover up to attack iraq ,... may be ots our turn under the name of christian religion an get ridin of terrorism thats whats the world c but in policy i should say its fake just to invade iraq by name of peace when america itselfe r terrorisms they made up an supported osama bin ladin which he is not that dumb to attack america like that when u do something like that u have to be sure that u can handle the otherside revenge as we know osama cannot handle america so he wouldnot do such thing besides u say that palastine is destroying or killing jewish well when ur at ur home an a guy like me rip ur wife u sure attack me preventing me or u wouldnot christian??? tell me

if ur back in time isreal wasnot on the map england supported jewish to make a land for them in palastine so they attacked palastine 1st an killed children women ,men viciously like animals so when ur on my land i kill u cz its not urs its an islamic land not jewish

if u say thats the land of isreal that they dreamed about an they lived be4 in it jesus was born there an so on

well if we muslims should get out of palastine because its written in jewish books an its rewritten like ur piple

well i should say

why dont u americans leave ur land an leave it for the indians that lived be4 they discover it an slaved em an took there land so its even

u get out we get out

besides christians killed black pple slaved em used them as slaves to serve them when islam said that no diff. between black an white!!!!!!!!!!!!

an the missing piple didnot

i shall say missing piple cz the piple i can c now in churches is fake

remmember in germany protostant or what they r called when they found out that priests which i will call thieves when i finish the story found out that priests take money for what u call umm.. if i did a sin i go to a priest to ask god for forgivness an they took money for that under the name of religion an so on they found a paper in a church of the real piple saying that there no one between u an god for asking him to forgive which means no priests to ask god

so we can c priests r fake

ur bible is fake cz if a part of it is untrue why shouldnot many parts r re written by priests islam invade other countries for defense an spreading islam to the world the last religion on earth brought by god

an its proved in koran but not like ur fake bible

read well about islam an c how in koran scientific proofs r written be4 even scientist discover till now make a search on that point an u will c

i cannot say more cz i am not a religionious man which means i cannot speak we have like ur priests i cannot say the world in english that can talk about what i mean

an check some arabic channels an c who's slaughtering the others paLastinians or jewish

jewish r killing them but ur press which is owned by jewish cannot show that cz isreal is an angel

jewish r controlling most of usa

press food machines owned by jewish banks

ur economy depends on these things so u cannot say a word to isreal

they kill us an usa is saying we must attack iraq just to make the world talk about this situation an leave palastine so they kill us

an america does the same if we r terrorisms there is a bomb `coming for u i promise

idiot christians

even christians made up satanism heh

antichrist were christians be4

check ur religion 1st an talk about ours cz u dont know nothin ur a fucker that listen to press have no proof an say what they do like a donkey eating the grass in a farm

u have no proofs idiot i tell u when u die u will know the truth!!!!!!!

September 2002


Your rant bears notable similarities to Christian hate mail. The "you'll know when you die" angle is particularly precious. Does this similarity exist because Christianity and Islam are similar or because people are similar?