Let's Kill the Terrorists Before They Get a Nuke

There have always been retrograde forces, people resisting change, sometimes violently. Among the ancient Hebrews, when they conquered their "Promised Land," there were some who refused to live in houses. They lived in tents and regarded living in permanent buildings as decadent.

The problem is that, as technology advances, the backward-looking minority gains more and more power to wreak havoc. Luddites smashed textile factories with hammers. Wahhabist extremists bomb pizza parlors, Marine barracks, and skyscrapers. What's next could be a nuclear bomb or a biological weapon.

That's why I say that we need to kill these guys with all due haste. Nine-eleven wasn't a criminal act, it was an act of war and a war crime.

In retrospect, the attack on the WTC could be seen as a mistake on bin Laden's part, jumping the gun. If bin Laden had waited until he had a nuke, he could have leveled New York. Instead, he used airplanes. He has shocked the US into motion, and if we take him out now, he'll never get the chance to use that nuke.

The terrorists were assured one free swing at the US. Our defenses were down, our military was prepared for a different kind of war, and our intelligence agencies weren't up to snuff. But the terrorists have taken their free swing, and if we destroy the terrorists now, that attack is the best they'll ever do.

That free swing could have been a nuke or a plague, but it wasn't. Let's take advantage of the terrorists' impatience and get rid of them before they attack us with something more massively lethal.

October 2001

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