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Your comments are unkind and unfair. You imagine that I equate "Palestinian" with "terrorist" though you have no evidence of my doing so, and you accuse me of "linguistic violence." While you pose coherent arguments, you do so in an uncivil spirit. The last time I tried to find a common ground with someone who insulted me in my guestbook, it didn't really work, and I'm not eager to try again. I have no desire to continue this conversation.

Thank you, in any event, for challenging me to consider whether the suicide bombers can be said to represent the Palestinians in substantially the same way that the Israeli army represents the Israelis. I hadn't considered the possibility that the bombers were supported only by a radical minority in a population that mostly wished them to stop.

It turns out that up to 70% of Palestinians support the suicide bombers. The bombers function with the support of the majority of Palestinians. It's true that the Palestinians are not citizens of a nation as the Israelis are, but they, as a group, have chosen terrorism as a weapon in their struggle just as the Israelis have chosen to attack and kill Palestinians economically.

January 2003

Update March 2004: It seems that the majority of Palestinians now oppose suicide attacks against Israel just as, two years ago, most of them suported such attacks. It is now incumbent upon Israel to respect the new desire for peace among the Palestinians.

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