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In regards to the Israel conflict, there is perhaps something to be said that the west bank, gaza strip, etc. are all territories legitimately conquered in a defensive war.

Hag stated earlier in your guestbook that stopping ambulances is a device of terror. Wasn't it only three or four months ago that a red crescent ambulance headed for a checkpoint and refused to stop, and when the soldiers subsequently opened fire with small arms, the ambulance detonated? I may not watch enough movies, but I really don't think pistols make ambulances explode.

The vehicle was stocked with bombs, of course. If an ambulance can be used to make a suicide attack, it can be used to smuggle suicide bombers. Those ambulances need to go to the front of the line, but they still need to be searched.

As for seizing civilian private property, like homes of the families of suicide bombers, it is a sound course of action. You cannot punish a dead man directly, thus, for an organism with no fear of death you cannot dissuade him from attacking you with jail time or execution. So it has to be the family, to give those suicide bombers pause.

Of course, since every family of a suicide bomber receives (I think it was) the equivalent of $20,000 from that Iranian organization, I don't think it's too hard on them.

Using missiles make sense when the Palestinian building may have more traps than a level of an old Gary Gygax module. Would you go into a Palestinian building where they have had the time and motive to prepare defenses?

Those civilians who are hurt by these (I would argue justly) cruel measures are the same people who would shelter suicide bombers if one knocked on the door in the middle of the night. The same people who would join an army to "Sweep the Jews into the sea." In fact, a large amount of their ancestors probably did.

August 2002

International law does not recognize war as a legitimate way for a country to acquire land, even a defensive war. The UN has called for Israel to pull out of occupied territories, and they should.

Punishing relatives of suicide bombers may be tactically "sound," but punishing people for things they didn't do is unjust.

To stop worrying about civilian casualties because of crimes that you imagine the civilians might do is bad news.

August 2002

Update, March 2004: The Israeli military has studied the policy of destroying the homes of suicide bombers and found it to be counterproductive. It's more likely to galvanize resistance than to deter suicicde bombing.

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