US Out of Iraq

(August 2003)

Let's bring our troops home. Let the UN take over peacekeeping. Let those guys get shot and killed for a change. We did our job. We got rid of Saddam. We made him destroy his WMD program. The rest of the world already owes us a debt that they'll never acknowledge. Why should we do even more? Haven't we already done more than enough? Let's bring our troops home. Let parents in other nations read about their sons and daughters being ambushed for a change.

The US has better things to do than sit on Iraq. Shouldn't we get ready for the next Iraq, wherever that might be? Shouldn't we have our military ready to strike anywhere, any time? As long as our forces are deployed in Iraq, we can't respond as quickly or as forcefully as we normally can. That's why North Korea is thumbing its nose at us. For our safety and the safety of the free world, we should get our troops out of Iraq and refit them for the next engagement. Our military isn't meant for peacekeeping. It's meant for peacemaking.

It's not like we're there for the oil. It's not like we're there for the big construction contracts. We should get out now that our job is done.

August 2003


Iraq Pullout in the News

December 2006: Iraq Report Calls for Withdrawal
With the election behind them, Republicans can stop supporting the war as a way to support the president. Just as support for the war fell after the 2004 election, it fell again just after the 2006 election, when reality gained ground relative to electioneering.

October 2005

US Generals Call for Withdrawal
US generals have concluded that the presence of U.S. troops in Iraq is making things worse, not better.