Scandinavians versus Arabs
insult and violence

Islam and Cloridectomy
social development and female genital mutilation

Iraq in Quotes
miscellaneous quotes over the years

Nonviolence in Iraq
ending the occupation

the failure of reform and the threat of confrontation

Palestinian Suicide Bombers
tragedy and futility

US Out of Iraq
a pro-American perspective

Iraq War
miscellaneous comments

Islam is a religion of peace yadda yadda yadda
     anonymous response

Israel & Palestinian Civilians
reluctant support of Israel

Poll of Muslim Nations
conspiracy and popularity

How about gender profiling?
efficient screening for terrorists

Marines in Heaven
slamming on a cartoon

Act of War
The terrorist attacks were acts of war, not criminal acts.


Postmodernism and Terrorism
a response to a Seattle Time op-ed piece

Is it fair to call the terrorists "monotheist extremists"?

Saudi Arabia
why we got jacked

Get these guys some trucks
AP phot from Pakistan

Samson as Terrorist
Sunday school hero revisited

Let's kill all those guys before they get a nuke.

Provoking Muslim Extremists
It's contrary to the rules of war to target civilians, but the US government is not innocent.

Can the secular West and Muslim extremism co-exist?

Are Jews "pigs and monkeys"?

How about a patriotic gasoline tax to reduce our dependence on foreign oil?

Can we shut up about the missile shield now?

If we are to be outraged at an attack against our civilians, we must at least apologize for, if not compensate for, the civilians that our nation has killed.

What if we forgave the attack?

Let us make clear that we retaliate against Muslim extremists as a secular nation, not as a Christian one.

Muslims are dangerous because they're like us.

We are vulnerable because we're an open society.

What the Palestinians need is a Gandhi.

Jihad in the News

July 2005

Jews, Christians, Muslims Unite
In a surprising demonstration of unity, the Christians, Muslims, and Orthodox Jews of Israel have taken the same side in a political issue. No
gay pride march! Wouldn’t if have been nice if they’d been united by a common love instead of a common hate?

June 2005

Kuwaiti Women Get Full Political Rights
The Kuwaiti parliament has granted full voting and office-holding rights to women. For what that's worth in a monarchy. Maybe the kingdom was worth liberating after all.

Koran Abuse
Newsweek took flak for reporting that, once again, the Koran has been flushed down a toilet at Guantanamo Bay. For one thing, Muslims should join the modern world and accept that the Koran is book. You don't see Christians starting riots over abuse of the Bible. For another, Bush has no standing to criticize Newsweek for acting on uncorroborated intelligence.