Mark re "
Gender Profiling"

I liked your article on gender profiling a lot. In fact, everything I've read here displays a rationality and intellectual honesty that is remarkable. However, aren't you concerned that if we institute a specific "profile" to find terrorists based on non-behavioral criteria, such as gender, then terrorist leaders will simply select operatives that do not fit the criteria?

For instance, Al-Qaeda operatives are told to shave and to dress like a Westerner.

I heard something on NPR the other day about how Palestinian women are starting to volunteer as suicide bombers.

It seems that profiling is a two-edged sword. By codifying what a terrorist looks like, you also codify what a terrorist does not look like, and therefore provide a recipe for avoiding detection.

-Mark Ashton

The most efficient use of security is somewhere between searching everyone equally and ignoring women altogether.

Plus, if we could get Wahhabi extremists to train their women to resist oppressors, that wouldn't be half bad in the long run.