Jeremy Re "
Is George W. Bush a Commie?"

Just a few thoughts on the issue of communists and conservatives (Politics: Is George Bush a Commie?)

Which "greed" is worse? The self-interest of the capitalist who wishes to keep money that (s)he has earned in the free-market or the communist and socialist idea of "Wouldn't it be a better world if we all shared our wealth with each other, from each according to their ability, to each according to their need?" i.e. You have money that you have worked for (ability) and I want it based on nothing more than my desire to have it and not work for it myself (need)? I would say that desiring someone elses wealth is closer to the definition of greed than the desire to protect personal property.

All species evolve out of a programmed survival instinct. We have not escaped that yet just because we have the ability to think. Compassion is not an evolutionary trait. It is learned. Even though capitalism (without government intervention) has the drawback of leaving the poor and unfortunate behind it has proven to be the most stable economic system know to man.

Just as you can not depend on humans to voluntarily support welfare programs you also can not depend on humans receiving welfare to contribute to the socity that supports them if there is no incentive to stop receiving handouts and support themselves when they no longer need welfare.

Until people understand that an individual is only a temporary expression of evolution and that the evolution of the human spiecies is more important to our long term survival, we must logically implement the free-market system with only MINOR modifications of a welfare system to protect the economy in the case of natural disaster that is very closely monitored to prevent abuses.

All forms of human society, government and religion are attempts to improve the human condition. They all have the same basic principle at their core. Unfortunately due to the desire for groups to become the moral and ethical standard, they must resort to becoming the most powerful organization to influence the most people. Humans are drawn to power because it is in their best interest for their survival and the core principle of improving the human condition over the individual gets subverted in the greed for power and influence. The only way to achieve the next step of evolution, even with all of our fallabilities, is to have faith that by giving idividuals the liberty to choose their own destiny that they will come to the conclusion that the evolution of the species and not the individual is the ultimate goal.

—Jeremy Nelson
August 2001


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